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The Best Anime Teachers

Calculatrix is one hell of a teacher... but whether we would like a teacher like her or not is debatable! Let’s look at some other fantastic anime teachers we would definitely like to call sensei!

ReLIFE - Kokoro Amatsu

ReLIFE, episode 1, 2018

Young and feisty, Kokoro Amatsu is only 25 years old, a rather depressing thought to Arata. At 27, he is working part-time jobs and hiding the fact that he quit his career to his college friends.

Hence, he was approached by the team at ReLIFE and has been given another chance at high school. But his teacher is now younger than him!

My Hero Academia - Shouta Aizawa

My Hero Academia, episode 5, 2016

Aizawa is the homeroom teacher for class 1-A. As he looks extremely weary, he is a surprise as both a teacher and a Hero. Direct and yet extremely caring under the surface, he becomes a beloved mentor.

Although he tends to let his students resolve their own issues, he always comes through when they really need him.

Interviews With Monster Girls - Tetsuo Takahashi

Interviews With Monster Girls, episode 1, 2017

A diligent scientist, Takahashi longs to learn more about demi-humans. Luckily, three students and a new teacher all appear at his school at the same time!

All with unique characteristics, as they are a succubus, a vampire, a snow woman, and a dullahan, Takahashi sets out to interview them and learn all he can. With his serious yet gentle nature, he captures hearts along the way.

Assassination Classroom - Koro-sensei

Assassination Classroom, season 1 episode 1, 2015

There are some unusual teachers on this list, but Koro-sensei may take the prize for the weirdest. His name literally means ‘unkillable teacher’, which is the main assignment he gives to his students in Class 3-E.

They are all somehow ‘rejects’, but Koro-sensei’s very unusual methods manage to bring about a suitable change in each of his unwilling students.

GTO - The Animation - Eikichi Onizuka

GTO - The Animation, episode 27, 1999

Great Teacher Onizuka! He is a former member of a biker gang, and by all accounts, he isn’t academically gifted, but he does have a talent for reigning in rowdy students. He surprises everyone by transforming the rebellious students at the school where he completes his teacher training and is similarly assigned a problematic class at Holy Forest Academy.

Amazingly, he manages to solve each of his students’ personal problems, squaring up to their bullying tactics and even managing to have a lot of fun with them along the way.

Sweetness and Lightning - Kohei Inuzuka

sweetness and lightning, episode 4, 2016

Struggling with making proper meals for his young daughter after his wife’s death, Kohei takes her to a local restaurant. The restaurant is owned by a celebrity chef and is currently closed due to her media career. But, her daughter, Kotori, opens up the restaurant for Kohei and the cute Tsumugi, and it turns out she attends the high school where he teaches.

Together, with instructions from Kotori’s mother, they set out to learn how to cook. This brilliantly wholesome series involves friendships that span generations and lots of fun with food.

Hunter x Hunter - Biscuit Krueger

Hunter x Hunter, episode 65, 2011

So Gon and Killua are trained mercililessly by what appears to be a... 12-year-old girl? Don’t let the blond hair and pink dress fool you, she always pushes her students to the max and uses all her cute assets to get what she wants. Also... this isn’t her true form. She’s actually over 50 years old and is incredibly strong and muscular.

Toradora! - Yuri Koigakubo

Toradora!, episode 7, 2008

Yuri Koigakubo wishes to enjoy the last year of her twenties, but she longs to find love. It even becomes the theme of the pro-wrestling show class 2-C performs at the cultural festival. Eventually, she decides to embrace the single life, and at Christmas, she attends a seminar on how to invest in real estate.

She loves clothes and is very concerned for the welfare of her students.